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                                                                CAPTAIN'S LOG

This will be the page where you can check up and see how the fishing has been, what customers and friends have caught, and, of course, get insight from the Captain about recent trips and tactics. PLEASE NOTE LOG IS ARCHIVED OLDEST TO NEWEST; OBVIOUSLY THE NEWEST UPDATES ARE AT THE BASE OF THE PAGE.

-Captain Chris-

January 2008  Cabin fever. Took the bass boat out of the Genesee. Did one steelhead around 10 lbs in one hour of fishing. Can't wait for spring!
 April 1st 2008  Boat is set to finally nestle into her dock this Sunday. So it begins...

Well, we're finally overcoming the winter here. Temps are warming (high fourties already inshore) and the fishing is slowly starting to kick in. Been taking a few browns in the usual haunts, as well as even a nice bonus high-teens King this morning! Lookin forward to seein things heat up here soon!

Late April 2008
 Finally the fish are starting to realize its that time of year!

We hooked into nine fish near the pierheads the other morning; nice mixed-bag of steelies, cohos, and browns, and even another nice King! Unseasonable warmth has made the baitfish runs hesitant, as well as the browns; however the cohos and other silvers have kept us busy.
Last week of April 2008
 Last second decision to take the 27th and trailer to the Niagara Bar proved well worth our time! Ended the day 13-23, almost ALL MATURE KINGS, ranging from 12lbs to a monster that tipped the Spring scales at 24.4lbs! Here she is:

and a few others:

unbelievable day!LOC '08 HERE WE COME!
First Weekend in May- LOC
Spent the weekend back up at the Niagara Bar; fought wicked storms and waves on Saturday- managed three Kings, nothing above 15lbs...Sunday- much better; after the cold front passed we ended up on an eight hour trip 13-22; 5 mid-teens Kings, a bunch of Lakers, one over eleven pounds we decided wasn't worth killing for the LOC Leaderboard. Can't wait for these guys to move towards home...

Second Weekend of  May- First Weekend of June

 Well, fishing locally has lit on fire as of late! Good numbers of mature Kings have moved into the Rochester Basin, as well as consistent catches of big Lakers, and multitudes of smaller Kings and Cohos. Double digit days are happening already! Here's some catches to show you what I mean:

Summer is upon us now, and like the fishing is gettin' hot!

First Week of June '08
 Been a rough week of fishing. The lake turned over due to a hard East wind-typical of June- and the result has been a very sparse consistency of fish caught. However, on the brighter side, this Saturday, June 7th, Gregg Izzo, aboard The Kingfisher, tasseled in a 14.9lb Lake Trout, which currently holds 6th place in the Summer LOC Derby. Congrats Gregg! Here she is:

This warm weather now should begin setting up thermoclines any day now, and you know what that means...
Remainder of June 2008

We have been fightin real hard to get the King action to work...but they still remain scarce. Lake Trout and Steelhead action has been real hot, however, as Phil Louie and his work partners found out. They took numerous 12lb plus lakers, and caught the L.O. Bug...I'm sure they'll be back with smiles like this:

Some more decent June fish caught with Reel Serious:

 July-August 2008
 I've been so busy that I haven't even had a chance to update the site in a long time...and its a good kind of busy- as in catching good fish! We had a very slow July, unfortunately for Rochester, most of the action was east and west of the Port. However, that didn't stop us from having one of the most productive steelheading months ever...pics coming soon. August brought with it Big kings...and its lookin like this year fish might reach the 40lb class! Book up now, THIS IS THE TIME!See pics of some of these monster steelies under our pics page.
 September 1st- October 31st
So, the run began. And with it, the kings who evaded the Rochester Basin for most of the season. The "combat trolling," as the locals call it, proved to dig up some very nice numbers of meaty male kings, with a large emphasis on after-dark, or right at dark, barrage of action. We fished heavily around the mouth of the Genesee, as well as near neighboring tribs for the large numbers of rainbows and browns preparing for their fall runs. A late season run to Oswego proved to yield 2 30-plus pound fish as well! You can see these and some of our better fish from this time under our pics page. A short strong window to end an otherwise very undependable season.
2008 ends...2009 starts!

 So...we hibernate. The snow licks at our window, and late at night we dream of bouncing downrigger rods and screaming wire reels...and to think, only a few more months and we can once again give flesh to these bones! All of us salmon fisherman can feel the itch in our bones, drawing our anticipation to the surface like a strong thermocline...and so, we wait.

Special thanks to all the friends, customers and fellow captains that shaped last season for us, and we hope to make 2009 even better than 2006 was for us(and trust me, that season was one to remember...but we will save that story for the deck!)

Rods are set, speeds perfect, nice marks...FISH ON! Haha...soon enough.

-Captain Chris-

April 1st 2009

The boat is set to take her slip on April 15th! The season begins! We have been out with some friends on smaller vessels lately, and the browns are already taking baits consistently...stay tuned as we tear into them very soon!

April 3-5th, 2009
 We went up to Carp, Ontario (30 miles west of Ottawa, Canada), to attend the Valley Fishing and Outdoor Show 2009 this weekend! Our sponsor and friends, the Ottawa Valley Muskie Club (see links for website), shared a booth with us as we enlightened our Canadian friends to the amazing fishery we had down south! We had a blast and would like to thank Bill Craig of Mister Muskie Charters, as well as Mikey of Mikey's Tackle Box for making it such a success! We hope to take out a bunch of interested parties from Canada this season...and from the reactions of many of you...I am sure to be fishing with some of you guys soon! Heres some pics:

Thanks again...we will be back up in '10 for sure!
April 10th-20th 2009

 The boat finally took her slip on the 17th of April, so things are ready and underway!

We went out a few times with some friends before that, and dug into the browns and coho (and even a few Atlantic Salmon, very rare fish starting a nice comeback in the region) quite well...also, a few local captains and friends have reported mature kings lurking around the cold spring shallows...which means only one thing: ITS ON! Book your chance to hook into your own springtime trophy now!

Early May
(Spring LOC in Niagara)

Well, Niagara time yet again. This year was amazing for some, consistent for others, and terrible for a few as well. Needless to say, the first weekend we rocked out there! We took 7-8 matures, with the largest nearly 21-22lbs (caught the first friday on good old Wonderbread nk28). Differing from our usual presentations proved to work very well, with leadcore being the star, and blue colored nk28 copper spoons taking the spotlight as well. Of course, our usual spoons worked just as well. A few lakers, coho and steelies in the mix made it a great start.

The next weekend, well, to not josh anyone, was horrible by our usual standard. We ended up getting into some action that saturday, doubling up at one point, but fish were too busy biting other lines to show us any love! We ended up wishing that the reports from back home in Rochester were including us, with some kings starting to tear up the basin waters nice and early for 2009.

May 13th, 2009

Well, "Customer A," as he would like to be called for various reasons, had a decent day with us on a quick 6 hour trip today. The highlight of his 4 landed fish was this trophy 10-12 lb steelhead, which, fresh out of the tribs, was still dropping eggs from her very skinny body. He seemed quite happy to take home some trout for the smoker!Special thanks to first ate Jeremy for supplying us last minute with a reserve boat, while the Kingfisher had some work done to her engine! Kudos!!

Good reports and action in the basin for this time of year, with tons of steel and a good number of large kings being taken in 100-140ft depth. Lakers are starting to show up as well...the season is here ladies and gentlemen!
Week of and Including May 23rd, 2009

Well, good news is always a great thing. Local fishing as of late has been ON FIRE, as in some of the best silver spring action that I can recall. Double digit days have been common, with many mature kings in the 15-22lb class landed. Take for instance this past saturday, when Rob and Chris came out for one action packed 6hr trip! The ended up boating 8 fish, and saw 14 to 15 fish biting in just a short amount of time, including a TRIPLE in the first ten minutes of fishing!! Nice mixed bag of steelhead and Kings...great arial fights and some tired arms were all encountered this morning! Hot spoon bite for the most part, and depths and lures consistent. GET OUT HERE SOON action this early is UNHEARD of!! Stay tuned for more updates later this week!


First Week of June 2009
Another great week of fishing for us. This has been one of the better spring/ early summer fishing bites we have seen in the last 5 years! Multiple catches of Kings and BIG lakers has been common, as Gary and Mike can show you below:

A bit deeper of a bite this year, but the fish are strong, plentiful and gorging on bait- all recipes for continuing a great season. A couple other catches with customers and friends this week- including a HUGE 15+ lb Coho taken tuesday:

Second week of June '09

Fishing has slowed as of late, a good time to pull the boat and change the transducer, update some components, and optimize the vessel for the summer barrage on the horizon. Doesn't mean we haven't taken any fish, as you can see by this HUGE 23+lb King we took last saturday afternoon. Big lakers in the mix as well, and even a bonus Atlantic to boot! Gettin out there towards the weekend, will keep you posted as always of the Big O's bounty!-Capn C



Last 2 Weeks of June '09

The usual early summer lull has been in effect. While Kings have been stubborn for us as of late, lakers and steelhead are making up for lost time. Ryan Heneka and family took a trip with us June 27th, and with a valiant effort, still managed a couple nice steelhead and smaller silver salmon. With the fleas showing up as of late- a nice indicator of the salmon bite beginning- there should be some hot fishing in the next few weeks!

First Week of July '09

Well, heavy west winds as of late have blown into the basin warm water, and unfortunately, have pushed the fish out of the immediate area (and pushed in the spiney water fleas---not fun). We worked hard clearing fleas and fishing the bottom in 150ft for Rob's sister July 5th to get this pig laker,

and she was a might happy achieving her first ten-plus lb fish and bragging rights over her husband and brother...but other than that its been a slow pick as of late. Trying a deeper offshore presentation this coming second week...see what happens...keep you posted!! Capn Chris
 Mid July- Early August '09 Its the busy time of year, and its that good busy we all wait all year for! Fishing has finally started to settle into place as of late, with the thermoclines settling, and the fish assuming their late summer gorge before the begin to stage in the next few weeks. A great time to book folks, from now until the end of september fishing is going to pick up real nice! Take a look at some catches as of late:

Remainder of August 2009
Fishing, fishing fishing. The reason behind my lacking reports, and I am sorry! It has been a very interesting summer, primarily noting the pods of fish are very localized, and its a hit or miss kinda gig out there. As always, however, the end of August provides us with the stability we have wanted all summer for taking quality fish. The fall LOC shows us holding a low spot for a nice steeleah we took the other day, 10.14lbs after sitting in the sun most of the day, and the king action has grown hot as of late. I will post some pics very soon, for sure, when I get a chance to breathe here! This is the time to shine kids, the last solid month of fishing here is going to make it all worth it! Book up quick...time doesnt wait, nor do the finned ones...Capn Chris;)

Sept 09- End of Season

 We ended up finishing the season strongly, as the usual case for the Genesee this time of year. Pics will be posted very shortly under our photo gallery page. The river itself ended up proving very bountiful for us, with many Kings coming inside the pierheads this year. Interesting ending. JPlugs and Mags as usual. So, nto the cold hibernation as we transfer to a new decade of memories, and of course, a new decade of wide smiles and wet nets! See you all in April! Capt Chris:)
Spring '10(First Two weeks of April)
 Finally the season begins! Our vessel the Kingfisher underwent many upgrades this offseason, including new Scotty Downriggers, and a Simrad ap14r Autopilot, all adding up to a more comfortable and successful Reel Serious experience! The unseasonable warmth we have experienced this spring has turned the fish on hot and heavy already, with an emphasis on COHO COHO and more COHO! Andrew Gould and his father Bob will attest to this, having experienced what many of us might never have the chance to experience- five fish on within 2 mins, a true QUINTUPLE! Great start to the 2010 season...stay tuned and book up folks!
Late April Early May 2010
 This season is already showing us signs of a record breaker! Springtime numbers of coho have been explosive, browns are voracious, and kings are already turning rods in the Rochester basin! We took a nice mixed bag of fish for Rob the last week of april, with the inside waters favoring an orange stickbait bite...ended with 5-7 browns and coho- not too bad for a post cold front  east wind morning!

We made our way to the Niagara Madness-our annual pilgrimage to face some Spring kings, and that we did! Mulitple fish over twenty pounds, numerous coho, and lakers...including a 27 lb, yes, thats right, 27 lb laker that took 2nd place in the Spring LOC. This was the fish of a lifetime for fellow Captain Jeremy Sage, caught on the Unreel with Mike Zenkar and myself. See for yourself some of our beasts from the east! Book up now!

Remainder of May-June 2010
What a start to our summer fishing season! We have been slaughtering the lakers all through May and into mid june, and the kings have finally moved into the Rochester basin as of the third week of June. Running lots of trips guys, call for availability! Some highlights:

June 2010


The salmon and steelhead bite IS AMAZING right now!! I cannot stress how good it has been the last two weeks in the Rochester basin...every bit as good as I can remember! The salmon are plentiful, consistent, HUGE, and cooperative. We placed a 24.13lb King, as well as a 22.2lber on June 24th, and have seen numerous other HUGE steelhead hit the deck as well...guys I mean it book up, the wires are flying, the copper is sizzling, and the riggers are poppin here in good ol' Rochester!-Capt Chris
Early to Mid-July 2010
The beginning of July continued to yield many large king salmon, as well as numerous large steelies. I have been very busy out there this year guys, the fishing has been spectacular! Although the salmon size has dropped the 2nd and into the third week of July, the numbers have not, with 8-12 fish per trip not uncommon. Brown trout have been showing up as well, with the large baitclouds in front showing us their worth. Great times. I will have some pics up in the next week or so! Tight lines- Capt Chris

 Late July 2010  
The end of July leaves us with mixed feelings. Two days ago, on the 31st, the Lake faced a stiff Easterly wind, which spelled tough fishing for us. I will be out there towards the end of the first week of August to get a view onto whats next for us this week. Prior, we still see TONS of action from smaller kings and brown trout...so the clients are happy with that much. The big guys are a tough pull, but here and there we still tangle into a nice fish! Stay tuned guys, we are entering my favorite time of the season...KINGIN time...Aug and Sept are usually stellar...and were ready!!- Capt Chris

First week of August 2010
Still feeling the mix up from last week. Fishing has been very frustrating. Some days we have numerous catches of smaller fish, some not even that. The only consistency are the brown trout. At least there's something! The lake should settle down this week, and finally give us something better to write about here in the Rochester basin. Keep you posted. Remember, I try to be honest for you here...an honest fisherman is a real fisherman. See you soon!
The Remainder of August '10
 What a frustrating month. The only consistency we found was offshore, from 250ft to 500ft deep...mostly smaller kings and some nice steelhead. The mature kings seemed to be entirely absent from rochester...what will sept bring...?
 First week of Sept '10  
September 3rd, and with it KINGS KINGS KINGS we did in two days over 25 mature king bites in 2.5 trips...what a start to the stage/pre-run action...the heavy winds Labor Day weekend triggered a small run into the river as well, we will start seeing fish close to shore now until the end of the season...lots of smiles (and heavy fish) to start off my birthday month! Im happy....! Flasher bites mostly. -Capt Chris
Mid-September 2010
 The harsh leftover of the hurricane that blew through here around Labor Day shut down the offshore stage-bite, and Kings scattered out. However, they have begun their run. Although we are fighting to get more than 2-3 large fish per trip, we are taking inside fish, and they are large, pissed off, and ready to rip some forearm. Its only better from here...the main push of fish should happen any day now...Capt Chris
End of 2010 Season Report
 We did great in the last month and a half of fishing. Numerous Kings were caught, many right by our dockline, and it was an explosive ending to the season. The biggest King was over 33lbs, nice catch Lisa! Many mid twenties Kings, teen sized cohos, and more. Mostly a spoon, and even eggsack bite. Thanks again to everyone for making it such a productive season for us; we ran nearly 50 trips this season, doubling the season before, and, besides some boat troubles, were able to make the majority of our clients very happy. Thanks folks, pics soon, when my computer decides to work a bit faster;)   -Capt


We are back and in full force with the new vessel! Salmon have been shpowing up in good numbers now towards the end of July and early August. here are some of this seasons best:


Fishing has been phenomenal for staging kings towards through the end of August and, additionally, just as productive at the river mouth for the beginning of the salmon run. The usual tactics have been key; green machine j-plugs, michael jackson silver streak mags, white and black/silver j-plugs, and similar have all worked. multiple strikes in the early morning and late evening have been commonplace. Just want to extend a final thanks to everyone for a great 2013 season and a nice 'welcoming' for the new boat, which has been AMAZING for us! Here are some highlights:


 April 2014:

The boat has some new decal work and is now carrying the official " Reel Serious" name while she slays fish this season! Now taking charters in Rochester as well as POTENTIALLY some mid to late May/June Charters out in Wilson Harbor, NY, while we chase some early season King fishing! Call me for inquiries. Fishing around the Port has startyed out hot, with multiple reports to both the east and west of DOZENS of trout and small salmon being caught...get your shot now, anytime after the 24th, our splashdown! See you soon- Capt Chris


2014 was the best Spring on record. TONS of salmon all spring, and we managed to place 2nd with a mid teens steelhead in the LOC derby, cashing a check for a cool 500$. A solid fall as well rounded out a nice season for us.


Another very cold winter/spring allowed for fantastic Salmon fishing with multiple double digit salmon days in our home port for the second season in a row. We had the opportunity to fish The Wilson Harbor Invitational for the first time. Although we didnt place last, we managed a middle slot fishing against some of the best Great lakes salmon fisherman and were quite content doing so! Summer had its lulls but held its own with some monster trout and a few decent salmon, but the fall was the record breaker- we had a quad right in front of 20lb+ salmon this past October on our best day, finishing a 4hr trip with over 10 salmon. Stay tuned for 2016 reports coming very soon!-Capt Chris





























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