"We take your fishing adventure serious...REEL SERIOUS!"

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Customer Testimonial

read what our clients have to say about fishing with captain chris and reel serious charters.

"Had to tell you it was a great trip last Monday.  You and Reid did a great job.  I told my boss about how great the trip was and he wanted to know if you could handle a party of 6 when the king salmon were running.  It would be the same 3 of us plus 3 other of my co-workers.  Let me know.  Thanks again for a great trip!"

Phil Louie- July 2008

"Capn Chris,
Thanks for the awesome day on the water. The stress therapy class really worked. Your effort and display of fishing skills was impressive.
Hope to do it again sometime."

Tight lines,
Gary Hoskins
Late May 2009

Thanks again for taking us out we def. had a blast and no one believes us about the fish we caught on "Lake Ontario" Until we show them to them! Thanks again and see you in a couple months!"

-Robert Langdon May 2009

"Thanks! Again...had a blast last Sunday. Looking forward to fighting some Chinooks in the fall...we;re all very happy with your level of expertise, service, and damn fine sense of humor! hahaha. Lots of laughs! =)"


-Mark Sutherland May 2010-

from www.handmoutdoors.com:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lake Trout on Lake Ontario with Reel Serious Charters 

"We were out the door by 5:30am Tuesday morning and we headed for the Port of Rochester to meet Captain Chris of Reel Serious Charters. We headed out on a 6 hour trip about 7 miles out  from the Charlotte Beach area.
I must admit I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I've fished for lakers before, but I am far from an expert. Capt. Chris and his First Mate Jeff were great. He told me in his emails that he guaranteed us fish and he kept his word. Chris and Becca got their first lakers ever and I caught my largest ever by far. No flashy expensive boat, no super special tackle, just some reliable, time tested techniques and an extremely knowledgeable Captain that showed great attention to detail. Seven good lakers in all and we brought three huge ones home! Thanks a lot guys for a great trip! Pardon the pun, but we're hooked! See you in late September!"

-Nate Martin May 2010-


 We had a great time also. I am certain you will hear back with a booking soon. Thanks again for the real fun and productive trip.  "

-Nick H. Brown, June 24th, 2010-





 "Captain Chris,

Thanks again for an incredible time. We have been telling everyone how great the fishing was, how skilled you are, and how we want to go back out this fall with you.

We did get the fish to Jason on Saturday(taxidermist). Ryan is still very excited about the whole deal. Thank you again for making it such a great day for all of us. Ryan was exhausted when we got home
, he had to take a nap (well if a 3 hour nap is considered a nap, ha!ha!).

I also cooked up some of the Cohoe and King Friday night for dinner on the grill. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of salmon but it was truly delicious. I will send you a few of my pictures once I download them from my camera. We will also send you pictures of the fish once finished. Ryan keeps asking how we can see the pictures you took during the day. It's something none of us will ever forget.

Once again Chris, thank you and Jimmy for a very memorable day on Lake Ontario. We will be in touch. Have a great night."

Laura, Bill, and Ryan- June 25th, 2010


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