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I was only 7 years old in the picture on the left. I will never forget my first taste of Lake Ontario big water fishing: the screaming reels as huge 20-30lb king salmon ripped and tore the line as they plunged towards the depths; the sting in my young forearms as I struggled to play the fish to the boat; the strain of trying to hold up the huge chunk of silver muscle as the camera clicked. I was immediately hooked, and even now, 29 years later, at 38 years old, I still live and breathe Lake Ontario big game fishing!

My name is Captain Chris Mandell, and I live and still reside in a small town just a few minutes south of Lake Ontario- Spencerport, New York. My pursuit of king salmon, brown trout, steelhead, lake trout and other Lake Ontario salmonids has been a life-long passion and dream that continues to inspire me to this day. From the late 80s, fishing on my parents 28' Bayliner Contessa, until now, fishing as a Certified United States Coast Guard Master Captain, I have fished Lake Ontario for countless days and hours, and have learned extensive knowledge over the years from these experiences.

As I have already mentioned, I hold a United States Coast Guards Master Captains' Licence, and am fully insured as well as first aid/safety trained and certified, so your peace of mind is guaranteed. This is my 32tnd season fishing the Lake, and my fiveteenth season professionally fishing (14th as a USCG Master Captain). I  have fished, deck-handed, and first-mated with some of the top fisherman and Captains in the area, and have fished many local tournaments and derbies as well.  For example, in 2018 we placed 3rd in the Monroe County Classic, passing over 43 other boats
. In 2019, I placed a 29.07lb King Salmon in the Summer LOC Derby, placing second over thousands of other boats with a behemoth catch! This is aside from the hundreds of salmon and happy parties I have entertained on the lake.

It takes not only tactic and knowledge to know how to catch these fish consistently, but it also takes time and serious dedication! At any given time in the last decade, from April-November, I saw Lake fishing at least two-three times per week, hence, my dedicated fishing passion is well-fueled with credible experience. Each season we boat hundreds of salmon and trout, and seldom will, or have, our customers or friends go home unhappy or unfulfilled in our endeavors.

To sum it all up, fishing is my life, and when you come aboard Reel Serious Charters, I am ready to go above and beyond to make sure that we make you happy and, above all, catch you some of the amazingly powerful and unique fish this beautiful and rugged body of water has to offer! I will take the time to explain my tactics, talk fishing, and, by the time you step off the boat at the completion of our adventure, make sure you see that I take fishing Serious, Reel Serious, and the result- fish in the cooler, every time!

I look forward to taking you and yours out for an unforgettable time on the "Big O," as the locals refer to her, and, as always, I will be sure to give it my all to satisfy all your fishing dreams to the best of my ability!

Call or email me to book your adventure now!

Fish On!

-Captain Chris-

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